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Why should you go Barefoot?

Louise Holding

Posted on April 27 2023

Step Ahead welcomes Premium Barefoot into their trusted family of shoe brands..

Barefoot Footwear, as we are coming to appreciate, promotes the most natural foot movement within a shoe. This worldwide phenomenon is gathering a huge following for the simple reason that it most closely mimics how a bare foot would naturally move whilst walking – and this is how:

Starting with wider toe boxes that allow your toes plenty of space to move and wiggle!  Many wearers feel that ordinary footwear restricts the natural posture of their feet, or results in pain and misalignment. With a wider toe box your toes are able to act in their natural function, and work better in stabilising your whole body.

All Premium Barefoot styles have a fully flexible 4.5cm rubberised sole. This enhanced flexibility allows for a completely natural range of movement, as though you were walking barefoot – and thus encouraging your body to follow it’s natural walking pattern.

The slightly lower heel-to-toe drop provides the best base for a familiar posture, and thereby encouraging the body to adopt its natural position and improving general alignment.

Wearing a slightly thinner sole also allows for more sensory feedback with every step you take. The barefoot enthusiast will have you know that once you get used to feeling more of the ground under your foot, you’ll be hooked. It’s like a mini foot massage with every step you take…

Shop our new range of Barefoot Premium online at www.stepaheadshoes.co.za




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