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Foot Health

Lisa Prosser

Posted on November 05 2019

"During the hey-day of second wave feminism women liberated themselves from uncomfortable bras, stockings with garter belts and other restricted clothing." Pat Taub - Medium.com

Thankfully gone are the days of whipping off your high heels and pulling on your favourite flats for some end of day foot relief. Shoes are evolving and built in comfort technology is allowing shoes to have a significant impact on our overall health and well-being.

Shoes are being designed so that our feet can function as naturally as possible. These kind of features can dramatically reduce foot fatigue and help to build genuine foot strength and stability.

When we get to the age and stage in life where we can actively minimise health issues and comfort is a priority this is what to look for in a pair of shoes...

 Breathable Materials / Leather

Mesh materials allow moisture to leave and air to enter to keep feet dry. Leather shoes are breathable and durable and emanate quality and integrity because they mold to the shape of your foot and take on new characteristics that make the shoes unique to you. They can help with bunions and last longer, so the extra cost of leather shoes is worth the investment.


A molded footbed including arch support allows for an optimal fit because the shape mimics the natural shape of the foot. This aids in all day comfort.

Padding and Cushioning

Extra padding provides a snug fit to increases comfort levels which will reduce pain. Look for a thick sole, a shoes that fits your natural foot shape, molding and support around the top of the foot.

Very flat shoes with rigid soles offer very little support and no shock absorption. Our feet take a pounding with each step and the lack of support can affect the alignment in our ankles, knees, hips and back. 

We know for some it is hard to resist a pair of striking high heels but the best kind of heel for your health is a block heel. Its elevation provides the correct lift for a natural foot position and the sturdy heel is very supportive.




Platform sandals are on trend this summer and add a bit more polish to an outfit than flat sandals do.



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