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Summer Boots - It's a thing!

Lisa Prosser

Posted on February 06 2020

Living in South Africa, I often feel like I don't get enough out of my boots. They probably get worn, intermittently, for only 3 months out of 12! Granted, they last a long time but wouldn't it be nice to squeeze a bit more out of our boots?

Pairing boots with a summer outfit evokes carefree youthfulness and the overall look is fabulously edgy!

I wouldn't recommend trying this during a heat wave because you will only do it once but if the forecast is cooler, or as we amble into Autumn, give it a go but be sure to take these tips into account...

Stick to ankle boots and all the better if there is a peep toe, strategic cut-outs or a perforation. Make sure everything else about the look is summery; Floral prints, light colours and fabrics and exposed skin to help keep you cool.

Here are some of our recommended summer boots, many of which, are on sale!

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