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Sneaker Freaks!

Lisa Prosser

Posted on May 14 2021

I have a picture in my head... it’s very old, grainy and the colours are faded. The image is of a woman on a New York street, walking to work in a suit and a pair of sneakers, carrying her high heels. It might be something from an eighties movie and that would explain why the picture seems so dated!

Sneakers have always been a hot item but last year’s lock-down locked them in as an everyday go-to. They have progressed from being worn only casually with a pair of shorts or track pants. Their easy and comfortable appeal has sent them in a new direction where they can and should be worn with everything.

Sneakers add an edge to your outfit. If you're feeling too 'pretty' or 'put-together' swop out your sandals or pumps for a pair of sneakers. We have broken it down into four categories to help you choose your next pair...


Sleek and minimal like a trainer or tennis shoe



Popular past designs revived and nostalgically reminiscent of a time gone by


Transforming everyday street style with interesting design details and unique accents

fashion sneakers


Never goes out of style and can add a comfortable twist to a classic suit

classic sneakers


We are not the only ones who are mad about sneakers. These three sisters have the worlds biggest sneaker collection and perhaps their obsession beats ours!

"It got to the point where we had to build an extension just to house all the sneakers! We now have a commercial building with full climate and humidity control to keep everything safe."


So as you can see, there is no such thing as too many sneakers and this is more than just a passing trend. We are in the middle of The Sneaker Era, a long and distinct period in history which will go down in the 2020's fashion chronicles!

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